Set it and forget it.

With our managed backup services, backups are performed automatically, and if the backup system stops working, we keep an eye on it and let you know so that we can get things fixed and ensure your backups are reliable.

Backup Plans starting at $9.99 per month.

Recover from Hard Drive Failure

Hard drives are one of the few mechanical parts in your computer with moving parts. It is not a question of if it will fail, but when. Even brand new drives average a failure rate of 3%-10% in the first year. Our backup software allows you to recover your important files in the event of a mechanical failure.

Ransomware Viruses

Over the last couple of years a new threat has emerged. Ransomware viruses are viruses that scramble your files so that you need a special program and password/key to unlock them and recover them. These viruses typically demand a ransom of $200 to $3000 in order to get your precious photos and documents back. Even if you have a back drive, if it is plugged into the computer when the virus is acquired, it will scramble those as well. A cloud backup system is the best way to protect yourself from irreversible data loss or being forced to pay an expensive ransom to get your files back.