Pro Support Plans are the preferred choice for those that wish to keep their computers operating reliably and at top performance. It is like having you own 24×7 IT department. As opposed to our regular computer repair services where you wait til it breaks to have your computer serviced, with managed services we work hard to prevent problems before they happen. It starts with specialized monitoring software that notifies us when symptoms of larger problems start to happen. We can proactively rectify problems before they get serious. We also monitor updates to Windows a numerous other software packages and apply updates as necessary. We also add special anti-virus software that notifies us when traces of viruses start to appear so that we can step in with additional checks to insure that malware is eradicated from your computer before it gets worse. Pro Support Plans are offered with several plan options for both residential and business. Plans start with just basic monitoring all the way up to full repair service with maintenance as issues are discovered.

Managed Anti-Virus

Fully automatic scans and updates. If viruses are found, we personally follow up to make sure the threat is neutralized.


We monitor several areas of your computer to make sure all sub-systems are running properly. We make sure all updates and patches are installed.

Remote Control Support

We can remotely remedy most problems, our customers can show us right on their computer what problem they are having right from the comfort of their home or office.